Can’t Get Pregnant? – Fitness Tips to Assist

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of your life. It is the journey from being a woman to a mother. It is an experience every woman should cherish.

But because of the huge significance of this process it is very important that both you and your baby stay in good health. Indeed, the moment you decide that you want to get pregnant; you should start following a very strict health regime. Trying to conceive should start from 3 months to a year after you start getting healthy.

For some women, becoming pregnant is rather easy. If you are facing some difficulties in getting pregnant then there is no reason to give up hope. If you can’t get pregnant then it is very possible that it is happening because you are following a lifestyle that is not very suitable for pregnancy.

Getting you a health check-up is a good idea. Pregnancy requires that you be in best shape for a healthy baby and an uncomplicated pregnancy.

Apart from taking professional help, here are some ways to get pregnant and tips for you to conceive a baby as soon as you can.

Time your pregnancy.

If you are planning to have a baby, then it is a good idea to plan and have a bay in your twenties. Getting pregnant in your thirties comes with some hazards for both the mother and the child and is best avoided.

Check yourself for deficiencies and infections.

Some deficiencies like iron deficiencies etc. can prove to be very harmful for the child. Same goes for infections. Get yourself immunised to the infections that you have not had. For example if you have not had chicken pox then you might want to get vaccinated as having it while you are pregnant will be very harmful for you.

Get a proper diet.

Tips on getting a pregnant include having a proper diet. Give yourself a diet rich in folic acid. Folic acid supplements are usually taken.

Stop unnecessary drug intake.

Take only your prescribed medication and stop everything else. Drug here refers to even caffeine and tobaccos. Smoking and drinking of too much of tea or coffee is not a good idea. Stop taking alcohol altogether.

If you have been taking birth control measures then now is the time to stop them. You must stop taking pills a full cycle before you decide that you want to get pregnant.

Be in a healthy environment.

Keep yourself safe from all radiations. X rays should be avoided. Some even suggest not going near the microwave oven.

Ways to get pregnant require a large number of preventive measures such as not going near paints and varnishes. Fume from paints and glue can harm you and the same is applicable for insecticides and pesticides. If your work environment makes this mandatory for you, take a leave from work till you have your baby.


If you can’t get pregnant then try getting yourself into shape by following a fitness regime very closely. Exercise regularly, but do not over exercise. Try to reach your ideal weight.

Follow all of these carefully and you will get pregnant before you can know it. Sometimes however, it may take a lot of patience. Do not get stressed as stress can act adversely on your pregnancy. Remember, if you can’t get pregnant, it is only a matter of time and persistence.

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Network Marketing Tips – Don’t Be A Sheep In The Herd If You Want To Have Any Success

There are hundreds of tips that you’ll come across when you are looking up things about multi level marketing. What you are usually going to find is a bunch of people all telling you the exact same thing. Things like how you have to take advantage of social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. While you can get some nice traffic from these places, let me give you one of the network marketing secrets that most people aren’t going to tell you.

Stop being a sheep in the herd! Put yourself in the position of someone who is searching for some real home based business tips. What do you think it looks like when all you see are people doing the same exact video’s where they are standing out in the yard, in the pool or hanging out on the beach? Then once you watch one or two of them, you begin to notice they are all saying the exact same thing! This whole business, with all it’s multi level marketing tips, and that’s what people do?

The sole foundation of multi level marketing is based around being a leader. It’s leaders that people join and not “opportunities” right? So if everyone is doing the exact same thing with the exact same video’s, who exactly is separating themselves as an actual leader?

This brings me back to my point about the social networking sites that so many network marketing success tips are based upon these days. The truth is you can kill hours, days, weeks and even months on these networks and never make one dime! “Build a following” everyone is told, but how do you seriously build a following if you haven’t done anything that is worth following?

Here’s one of the best network marketing tips you’re going to hear. Go against the grain! Don’t be that person standing on the beach or hanging out in your pool. Do something different and you will be surprised how much more noticeable you will become to others because of it. Instead of trying to “build” a following, why not let your following build itself!

You can build a social media following in a matter of seconds once you have built relationships with the people you need to have success. There are things you can do that will force people to find out more about you, where you came from and exactly what you are doing. Once you have that, you’ll have as big of a social media following as you want and it will have built itself.

Don’t be just another face in the crowd! There are enough people doing that already.

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How to Get Rid of Fear of Making YouTube Videos

Do you find yourself struggling to make YouTube videos?

A few years ago I wanted to start making YouTube videos for my Blog, but I kept finding myself procrastinating.

At first I found myself using the excuse that I didn’t yet have all the video equipment I needed to make videos. So I went looking for a nice video camera for shooting videos. Once I had a nice camera, I then started looking at microphones and researching what would be the best microphone to use.

I thought that if I didn’t have the best microphone my videos wouldn’t sound good.

Then once I had a nice microphone and a nice camera, I used the excuse that I didn’t have proper lighting for making videos. Then the excuse changed to not having enough room in my office to shoot videos, and not having the proper tripod.

On and on I just kept making excuses and delaying the process of making videos.

Then I discovered that the real problem wasn’t that I didn’t have the proper equipment or resources to make good quality videos. The real problem was that I had a fear of making videos.

Once I realized this, I wanted to find the best way to overcome this fear and that’s when I discovered a very quick 3 step process that helped me to overcome my fear of making videos.

Once I overcame that fear, it became very easy for me to make videos regardless what equipment I had or didn’t have for making videos.

Here’s the exact 3 step process I followed:

  1. Grab a Camera – The first step is to grab ANY kind of camera you can use to record videos. It doesn’t make any difference whether that camera is a cell phone, a webcam, or a professional video camera. It makes no difference.
  2. Record a Super Short Video – The next step is to turn on the camera and start recording. Once the camera is rolling, all you want to say is a very simple 3 part script where you simply state your name, where you live and what you do for a living. So the full statement might be something like this: “Hi my name is John Smith, I currently live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I’m an Internet Marketer.”And that’s it! Just say that, nothing else.
  3. Delete the Video – The next step after making this video, is to delete it! Yes that’s right. Delete it. Don’t even watch the video, just delete it.

This may sound like a silly thing to do, but this is the process I followed myself to help me overcome my fear of making videos.

Essentially I call this the process of creating “Make Delete” videos. A “Make Delete” video is simply just a simple video that you make and then immediately delete.

For some reason, when our mind knows that we are going to be deleting a video right after making it, the fear of making videos goes away.

You essentially become fearless in making your videos.

What this does is it allows you to record videos without any fear and with greater confidence.

And the trick is that once you make one or two or three or five or ten of these “Make Delete” videos, you’ll reach a point where you will feel like you made a good enough video that you may be ready to actually watch and upload to YouTube.

Be patient though. You may need to make a bunch of “Make Delete” videos before you feel confident enough with your video making skills to upload your videos live.

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